Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Passport's Here!

MANILA, Philippines  It's finally here! After 3 weeks of waiting, my passport has arrived.

I was hoping that it'd be delivered last Thursday or Friday, as advised by DFA. In fact, my colleagues who renewed their passports on the same day as I did got theirs last Thursday! *jealous*

Technically, I can't blame DFA since it stated in the receipt that delivery could be a day or two delayed. And besides, the delivery guy said he tried to deliver it last Saturday but I wasn't around.

I'm happy nonetheless. I can finally book a trip! (Hhhhhhm!)

The new Philippine biometric passport is noticeably stiffer than what it used to be. It's still maroon, though.

Mona Lisa smile... take #3.

Click here to see how I renewed my passport in less than an hour. Recently, I heard that my friend renewed his passport in 20 minutes at Robinson's Galleria.

Way to go, DFA!

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