Sunday, December 23, 2012

"Some things will never change."

MANILA, Philippines — The world was supposed to end last Friday. But it didn't.

If it did, though, I'm glad to have spent the night with my college buddies. We had a little potluck to kick off the holidays. It's been almost five years since we graduated and while we've all gained (or lost) a few pounds, we find ourselves still being our old college selves towards each other.

We still laugh at the same old cringe-worthy stories, talk and about the same old people, and do all sorts of crazy stuff that we used to do.

(Photo from Kat Tan)

"Show me your teeeeets!"
(Photo from

(Photo from Kat Tan)

With my favorite beckies!
(Photo from Kat Tan)

(Photo from

As my friend Andrew said, "Some things will never change."

Yes. Thank God for that.

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