Saturday, December 15, 2012

The UP Oblation Run

MANILA, Philippines - Masked men running around the campus naked. This's what the commotion is all about during the Oblation Run at the University of the Philippines (UP).

In one hand, they hold roses. In another, placards with their stand on political issues. For a free "show", girls, guys, gay guys (even closeted ones) flock to the UP campus to hopefully get a glimpse of some... well, ya know. Teehee.  Even the media is present!

The UP Oblation Run is an annual university tradition that started in 1977. Back then, according to this article, members of the APO fraternity protested against the Marcos' banning of the film Hubad na Bayani. Now, I think it's just an initiation rite to be part of the fraternity.

Five years ago, I remember going to UP during school hours just to watch this famous run. It was my first (and only) time. I was a spectator who, like the others, giddily screamed and giggled as 20 naked men ran by. It was also funny hearing other spectators poking fun at flaccid penises. Fun stuff! It's not everyday you see a parade of naked guys in school.

Here are some of the photos I took in 2007:

And after a few days from the event, someone shared this photo of me in the crowd. Yikes!

On the lookout! (Can't help but notice how gross my eyebrows looked before!)
(Photo from
I think that watching the Oblation Run is something that must be experienced by UP studentseven those from neighboring universities. Come to think of it, even for non-students... it's still a free show. So why not! These experiences make life a little more colorful. *wink*

The Oblation Run happens around December 14 every year at the UP Diliman campus.

Would you watch the Oblation Run?


  1. "I think it's just an initiation rite to be part of the fraternity."

    This is not an initiation right, but a right of every APO MEMBER.

    Please get your facts straight.

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your comment. Admittedly, I wasn't sure of my statement, which is why I started my sentence of with "I think..."

      But to get the facts straight, would you mind explaining how "this is not an initiation right (rite), but a right of every APO member."? It's quite interesting.

      I hope you can also introduce yourself so readers who are doing research can cite you properly.

      Thank you! I look forward to your reply.


    2. @aNONYMOUS anong pakelam mo kung fact sia o hinde eh opinion nga nia yun eh, BOBOBOBOBO!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. weeh...yung sa kanya kaya? akala mo kalakihan...malaki na yun para sa pinoy...kung makapanlait naman......wagassss...

  3. what to do? as Philippines is not an conservative country, other people struggle for life, struggle for living, yet they are naked displaying their penis here, " nothing better to do" , even you bare nude protesting against government, it will not change anything. just face the fact ok.. it GOVERNMENT.

    1. I agree. They can protest with their clothes on instead. They don't have to be so naked... >.< If they want to change the government, they should do something about it and not just protesting...

  4. freedom can be form in alot way, yes naked is one of them, but should we be protest in other way beside naked? i can say that it bad for young kid that watching naked men with their penis hanging there watching them protest around the road. don't act cheap showing your body to other innocent kid.. and lady....

  5. Is this the Philippines's culture? This is just a free porn for shameless Philippine girls.... They are taking pictures here to masturbate later... ha ha idiots...

    1. Hi Vajira, This is a right of passage for men who want to join the fraternity in the University of the Philippines. Yes, it's a free show for everyone. Hehe.

  6. Hi! Hindi ko na naman napanood yung oblation run this 2016! Sad to say! :( Nagulat ako na napaaga this year dahil sa Marcos burial (November siya ngayong taon instead the usual December)... Sana kasi hindi na lang kasi siya nilibing eh para hindi napaaga eh... Sana nga meron pa bago mag lantern parade... Alam ko usually bago mag lantern parade meron siya... :/ Thanks for responding to my e-mail before, btw! ;) Hindi na ako updated ngayon sa news dahil nakakainis na yung balita ngayon, kaya hindi ko alam na napaaga yung oblation run ngayong 2016... :[