Saturday, January 5, 2013

My New Favorite Mall

MANILA, Philippines  I think I just discovered my new favorite mall in town!

I've been hearing good things about it from family and friends but I never got to visit it until a few days ago. In fact, I used to think that it was a small ice-cream themed mall just because of its name: Robinson's Magnolia. 

The Robinson's Magnolia mall is my new favorite mall in town!
It's steps away from the Gilmore LRT Station and across St. Paul's in New Manila.
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I'm not a fan of Robinson's mallsespecially Galleria, even if we used to hang out there a lot in High School. But this Magnolia branch is a pleasant surprise. 

To me, the vibe of it is like a fusion of sorts between MOA, Shang, Eastwood mall, and Trinoma.

Panoramic view of the main lobby and entrance.

I like it because it's spacious but it's not as huge or confusing as other malls (even its parking area!). It's fairly near our house, too, and the getting off at the Gilmore LRT station leads you right to it. There's also a nice selection of stores and I feel that I can actually buy stuff there.

For petty but equally important reasons, it's actually a place where I won't mind taking a date to...or being taken out towhichever comes first. Hehe. 

And believe me, it's heaven for those who are in to chinitos. 

I should try having dessert here next time just to complete the "Magnolia" experience.

There's a Chinese restaurant in this area called Tao Yuan that serves the best Hainanese Chicken in town!
The walkways are extra spacious!

The movie area. Super cold! 

The entrance. 

Looking up from the food court.

This food court layout reminds me of those in Bangkok!

My parents' favorite: Free whole-day parking for QC senior citizens!

What's your favorite mall?



  1. My favorite mall is still Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. =D

    This is a great post, Henson!

    Shangrila & Magnolia are contenders, too. =)

    1. Hi Nariness,

      Thanks! I actually like Rockwell, too! But sometimes I feel that I can't buy anything there... plus the fact that it's so far from my house. =/ But I absolutely love people-watching there!


  2. Why this mall called Robinson's Magnolia? Is it because the magnolia store behind the mall? xD
    I haven't tried this place before, and I think I know now where to spend my time this coming weekends! haha!

    Malls in Philippines are great!

    1. Hey Justin,

      Yup, this is where Magnolia's factory used to be and it has an ice cream parlor. Have fun!


    2. Ahh thank you for that information sir, now i know! :D