Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Going to Puerto Galera from Quezon City

Going to Puerto Galera is easy, even if you don't have your own car. It's fast and inexpensive, too! That's why, for me, it's one of the perfect getaways.  

Route from QC to Puerto Galera

1. Bus from QC to Batangas Pier
I live in Quezon City so riding with Jam Liner is most convenient. Station is near GMA, along EDSA south bound lane. Bus departs hourly, I think. There's Wi-Fi on board, too! Pier is the last stop. 

Duration: ~1.5 hours without traffic
Cost: Php 172 pax

2. Buy a ticket to Puerto Galera
Follow your bus mates to the area where tickets are bought. Or ask around. Don't worry, it's a short walk. No need for fixers to get tickets. You can easily buy these yourself. 

Batangas Port 

There are many windows where you can buy tickets going to White Beach or wherever you're headed in Puerto Galera. They're practically the same. I prefer riding Father & Sons (FSL). Just choose which departure time is most convenient. I rode Minolo Shipping Lines (MSL) last Holy Week.

Where boat tickets are bought.
Price: Php 270 one-way; 500 round trip | Php 50 environmental fee | Php 30 terminal fee

Buy round trip tickets! Schedule return trip a day in advance via shipping line's booth at the beach.

Terminal / Waiting area
Bags are inspected with x-ray machines. Don't bring items that are confiscated in airports!

Lining up to ride the bangka

3. Boat ride from Batangas Pier to White Beach
It's a fairly smooth ride, although it might be wise to take meds if you easily get sea sick. The bangka is pretty big and there are life jackets ready. During Holy Week, boats are extra packed!

Avoid sitting at the back where I was seated.
Duration: ~1.5 hours

The last boat departs at 3PM, if I'm not mistaken. If you miss this, the next one departs at 5 or 6AM the following day. But there are "colorum boats" that travel by night, which isn't really legal for safety reasons. Fixers offer this to those who are desperate, like I was, a few years ago. Cost can go up to Php 1,000! Talk about being desperate. It was scary! I'm never doing that again.

Arrival at White Beach, Puerto Galera

My fastest travel time from QC to White Beach was 3 and a half hours! This was on a Good Friday, too. Total cost round trip was around Php 900.

Go for it!

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