Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting Your NBI Clearance at QC Hall

I had to get my NBI clearance as a requirement of my new employer. This was my first time. 

I opted to go to QC Hall since it was most convenient and nearest to my house. The NBI was a covered area directly across the QC Red Cross building. It's not air-conditioned. 

The process was pretty straight forward. The heat and long lines just made it frustrating. Without the queue, one could finish in less than 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I finished in 3 and a half hours. 

At 8:45AM, the line was already outside the covered area.

Sooooo hot!

The many lines for each step.

What to do:
1. Photocopy valid ID(s) at the entrance. Submit photocopy to NBI staff beside photocopier. 
2. Fill out application form after photocopy of valid ID has been submitted. Use black pen.
3. Pay Php 115 at the "Step 3" counter. Amount is for local employment purposes.
4. Encoding at "Step 4" counter. NBI staff types all info in application form. Check for typos! 
5. Picture taking and biometrics at "step 5" counter. Smile!
6. Printing and releasing of NBI clearance at "Step 6" counter. 

There's food in case you're hungry.
Hotdog, siomai, buko shake, and even ice cream!

The guard assists those who have inquiries. He also entertains the people with his reminders:
"Sa 'Religion' part ng form, isulat ang relihiyon niyo! Yung iba kasi sinusulat 'Region 1, 2. May NCR pa!"  

Important things to bring:
1. Original and photocopy of valid ID(s). Better to photocopy ahead to avoid paying Php 4. 
2. Black pen and white-out, if prone to erasures. Black pens are sold at Php 10. 
3. Pamaypay and umbrella. It was sooo hot.

Best to arrive at around 2pm as lines have subsided significantly. If you must come in the morning, make sure you're really early. 7am, perhaps? Don't do what I did. I came in at 8:45am
NBI Clearance.
Goal is to see "No record on file" on the form.

Good luck!


  1. Hey henny.. you should try their mall branches. Like here in Ever Commonwealth. Systematic and not hot since its in the mall. I was suppose to get a clearance in City hall but the queue was so long.

    1. wow! Should take note of that next time.
      *next time?!*

      Sana hindi ko na kailangan kumuha. =/


  2. Hi Henson! There's also the NBI Clearance center at Robinson's Galleria (or another mall, I guess). Mas mabilis, and at least aircon. :) -Mel

    1. Hi Mel!

      Thanks for the suggestion! Sana hindi ko na kailangang kumuha next time. Lol!
      Pero I read na kailangan super aga daw dun kasi 300 lang ang sine-serve =/
      At least diba, aircon.


  3. I just learned that ever commonwealth's nbi clearance center is already closed!!!! Thus i am here sa qc hall ong haba ng pila dito henny even if i arrived at 6 am LOL

    1. Hi Jr!

      Ay talaga? Haha! Ang bilis naman. My friend just got her nbi clearance sa Ever a few months ago!

      Naku. Super haba ng pila dyan sa QC hall. Yikes. Good luck dyan!


    2. Crap! Used my government employee card and got on the priority lane. Apparantly if you are a government employee, you can get on the lane for senior citizen and Pwd. Once the office openned at 8am was finish in 30 minutes. Worst part though, i need to go back after a month to claim it. So i went to their main office in Taft. They have a faster process time that takes 2 weeks lang. Argh! It wasn't like this a few years ago when you can claim yours within the day itself..... How long did you have to wait for you to get yours?

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  6. Hi Just wanted to ask? Kailangan ba talaga mag-submit ng NBI Clearance sa Employer? at bakit? Thank you!

  7. Hi Marvin!

    Hindi naman kailangan mag-submit ng NBI Clearance sa bawat employer--not unless requirement siya. From my understanding, the NBI Clearance is usually for the employer (or whoever is requesting it) to see if you have a criminal record. Hope this helps!


  8. Thanks for your blog, helped me a lot. Here's my post about my experience.

  9. ...ilang araw po pinaprocess ang pagkuha ng nbi clearance sa Quezon City hall?

    1. Hi Janice,
      On the same day mo makukuha. Mine took 3 hours sa haba ng pila.