Sunday, June 9, 2013

Impromptu Getaway: Pook ni Maria Makiling

It was a normal Friday at the office until my colleagues thought of going on an impromptu overnight trip to Laguna. Being the ultimate kaladkarin, I didn't think twice about going.

My initial concern: clothes. Fortunately, I had a backpack of clothes stashed in the office for emergencies--impromptu getaways included! I even had flip-flops and swim shorts in my caddy!

By 10pm, we were off. We rented a van going to the Pook ni Maria Makiling park. We took a bit longer than expected--more than 2 hours. The uphill road was pitch black and we got kinda lost.

The Pook ni Maria Makiling park is around UP Los BaƱos, the Jamboree site, and the National Arts Center. Its main attraction is the humongous Olympic-sized swimming pool surrounded by greenery.

The park is ideal for day trips, quick overnight getaways and team-buildings. For me, its major downside is its lack of eating facilities--not unless you're okay to bring your own food or preparing outdoor-DIY-picnic meals.

Sadly, some of the existing facilities aren't well maintained. But it's something you can shrug off, supposing you're not high maintenance.

We reserved two rooms for the eleven of us, but we ended up sleeping snugly in just one. Slumber party!

Breakfast Area
This is also the reception area. This is where we brought our instant noodles and bread to eat.
Php 5 to get hot water.

Stairs leading nowhere.

So what did we do there? 

Hang-out, really. The usual: story-telling, joking, and of course, tsismis!

The morning after, we swam before heading back home.

Rates (sorry, can't exactly remember):
  • Php 3,000 - Php 3,400 -- accommodation good for 6 pax
  • Php 25 / pax - entrance
  • Php 40 / pax - swimming

For the whole trip, I remember shelling out less than  Php 1,300. This included the van rental, accommodations, groceries, entrance fees, swimming, and the next day's lunch.

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  1. Hi do you have the updated contact number for this resort? Thanks