Saturday, October 19, 2013

Abandoned Footwear Collection

Whether it's on the street, near the rocks, or underwater, I always come across abandoned footwear while vacationing. 

When I least expect it, I see them: separated slippers, abandoned shoes... or this one time, boots. Why? I have no idea. Pure coincidence, I guess. And let's not delve into the deeper meaning of life, please!

Here are some that I've documented. Most, I've left to memory. 

Zambales, Philippines

Bangkok, Thailand

Quezon, Philippines

Tokyo, Japan

Coron, Philippines

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Puerto Princesa, Philippines

While rock climbing in El Nido, Philippines. Seeing this scared me!

Lol. These aren't abandoned.
We just couldn't wear them inside the Cao Dai Temple.

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