Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eating Creepy Crawlers in Khao San Road

Scorpion Nights (and a cockroach)
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BANGKOK, Thailand — What's something I finally crossed off my #YOLO bucket list?

Eat creepy crawlers!

I chickened out during my first trip here, which left me semi-regretful. But this time, with a little help from my friends, I did it.

By the end of the night, we were munching on scorpions, cockroaches, and beetles.

Surprisingly, it doesn't taste as gross. It's crunchy, which bursts of soy-sauce-like juices.

You just have to overcome that fear that it'll crawl back to life inside your mouth!

Eating a scorpion with a little help from my friend, Andrew.

We ended our day here in Khao San RoadBangkok's famous backpacker area. Everything is way cheaper here, including accommodations. Security may be a bit loose, though.

The stretch is full of life at night. Tons of people are on the street. Music from the resto-bars are on full blast. Vendors are everywhere selling souvenirs, balloons, and foodcreepy crawlers included!

The vibe reminds me of the Maskara festival in Bacolod.

Khao San is also perfect for people watching. Foreigners are everywhere and they're smokin' hot.

Here were are letting loose and enjoying the night.

Khao San!!!


  1. creepy munch...i did not try it - can take it for now. Will eat only if it's a prized challenge