Saturday, October 19, 2013

Palawan Special Battalion WW2 Museum

In Puerto Princesa, if you find yourself trying to kill time and don't want to go far off, drop by the World War II museum.

The private museum is around 10 minutes away from the airport by trike. For a P30 entrance fee, you get to see weapons used during WW2, soldiers' uniforms, antique typewriters, and you can even take a selfie (or groupie) with vehicles from that time!

I'm not a museum person but I had fun!

Praybeyt Hennybenny!
(Bagay ba?)

Outside the Palawan Special Battalion World War II Museum

Buick 1957
I don't know anything about cars but I found this cool!


Flags representing the various nationalities that have visited this museum.
Some foreigners visit to try and get information about long-lost relatives who fought during the war in Palawan.

Benny Mendoza (right) owns the museum. Sometimes, he personally tours the guests.

Helmets from countries that participated in WW2

Did you know that the world's largest pearl was found in Palawan back in 1934?
It is 24cm in diameter and weighs 6.4kg. Sadly, it's in a museum outside the Philippines. 

For me, there was one piece that trumped them all. And it had nothing to do with the war:
A shoe that used to belong to Former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos
Parisian, size 7. It's autographed, too!

And if you're really trying to kill time, read some of the books there about American soldiers in Palawan during the war. Very interesting and heartbreaking stuff!

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  1. Fascinating collection of artifacts from history....This museum, which is free, has a little bit of everything from Gettysburg, through nazi memorabilia for sale authentic .It is very eclectic and you can go through the rooms at your own pace. Very nice.