Sunday, October 20, 2013

Terminal 21: Not Your Usual Mall

BANGKOK, Thailand  Imagine being whisked off to various countries in one afternoon. That's what strolling around Terminal 21 feels like.

The mall is like a huge airport with a different theme per floor: Rome, UK, Tokyo, and Istanbul, to name a few. It's definitely not your usual mall.

Even if you're not into shopping, Terminal 21 is still worth visiting. It's fascinating how much thought and detail went into each theme. Even the bathrooms and uniforms of the maintenance personnel weren't spared.

My favorite floor: UK!
There was a bus inside!

Awesome shirts!

This isn't even a fourth of the mall.


Yep. There's a lighthouse inside!

See. It's like an airport!

With the pretty ceiling in the Roman-themed floor. 

Istanbul! The bathroom is worth checking out.

Next time, I'll make it a point to check out the bathroom in all floors!

Happy-tired from all the walking. 

Here's a map going to Terminal 21. It's ideal to ride the train. Depending on where you're coming from, get off at Asok or Sukhumvit Station. Either stations will lead you to the mall.

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