Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tour C | El Nido

Tour C - (Php 900 / pax)

EL NIDO, Palawan — If you only have a day for tours, go for "Tour C". It whisks you off to five popular destinations for just Php 900. It's a must-prioritize.

If you're into beaches, this is definitely for you.

1. Hidden Beach
The name speaks for itself. It's paradise waiting to be revealed.

Sea Cucumber!
Be careful. Some parts of the skin can prick.

2. Matinloc Shrine
The shrine is actually part of an abandoned rest house. Locals come here to pray and hear mass every so often. Check out the heart-shaped coral! And, oh, don't forget to check out the view!

This view awaits after a short and painless climb.

3. Star Beach
Have lunch while basking on the view. While swimming, don't panic when you see the sudden drop!

Don't panic! Sudden drop to nothingness.

4. Secret Beach
This is the best part of Tour C. Swim through the narrow passageway to get in! It's not scary at all. Those who aren't good at swimming can always stay on the surface and slowly swim in.

Looking out from the inside.

Just because it's a Secret Beach.

5. Helicopter Island
If you see a helicopter-shaped island, this is probably it. By this time, you're probably sick of swimming. Just bum around, space out, and soak up some sun.

If slippers could talk, they'd tell a thousand adventure stories.


  1. May I know who provided the tour? and are the prices already all in for th tour? thanks.

    1. Hi,

      This was provided by Clydenike and Guenkean Island Hopping Tours. Yes, the P900 per person cost is all-in (tours, tour guide, boat, food). Costs for the tours are generally unified throughout the El Nido.

      Hope this helps.


    2. The tour office is located along Rizal Avenue at the beach front of the El Nido town. Ground floor of Casa Buenavista hostel and beside Jane Resto Bar.

    3. Hi,

      Thank you very much for the info, its a big help.