Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tour A | El Nido

Tour A - (Php 600 / pax)
Kayak rental is an additional Php 700

EL NIDO, Palawan — If you're more into lagoons than beaches, then this tour is for you. You'll even see where parts of Survivor was filmed!

Personally, this is the next best tour after Tour C.

1. Seven Commando Beach
It was frustrating how there were invisible creatures biting us under the water. It stung! 

I told her to smile and she did!

2. Simizu Beach
Here's where we had lunch, used the kayak that we rented, and saw Nemo!

Staring game with Nemo

3. Secret Lagoon
You won't even notice that there was something beyond the rock formations. The entrance to the secret lagoon is so discreet! 

View from the outside

Inside the Secret Lagoon

From the inside looking out. See how small the passage way is?

The entrance isn't that small once you're there.

4. Big Lagoon
This has got to be the best part of Tour A. The passage way leading to the Big Lagoon is absolutely majestic. This is also where they shot parts of Survivor. 

The set of Tribal Council.

Kayak-kayak din 'pag may time.

5. Small Lagoon
Our final hurrah with our kayak. The small lagoon makes for a great photo op!

We felt like experts after. Lol.



  1. Wow, great Pictures, ano po gamit nyo na camera, ganda ng mga kuha mo.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks! I use a Lumix LX5 :)
      What about you?


  2. Yung doggie ang highlight para sakin, ehehhe :D cutie