Saturday, November 8, 2014

Trains in Taipei

The railway system in Taipei is very first world. Let's put it at that. For me, it's similar to the one in Singapore yet less complicated that the ones in Tokyo.

Let's not even try to compare it to the LRT that we have here. It'll just put us to shame.

The trains look like a cross between the Filipino MRT and LRT, though they seem more spacious.

What I remember most about the train was the single journey ticket. I was expecting a normal card, much like other countries. But what came out from the machine was a plastic coin!

It's the size of a peso. It easily goes into the pocket, though I was very conscious not to lose it.

There are the mandatory security measures from the platform to ensure passengers' safety. I think this is basic. I wonder why the Philippines does not have this. *sigh*

In our short trip to Taipei, I got to ride the Metro twice--one to go to G Star Club and the other one was to go to the Miniature Museum by myself. 

Group photo while waiting for the train. This is before we got lost. 

Inside the train!

Thank God for English translations.

Another interesting thing I noticed in Taiwan, especially in the railway stations is that the locals follow escalator etiquette: standing on the right, walking on the left. They're very disciplined. You'd be embarrassed not to follow this.
Everyone following escalator etiquette

If only we had these in the Philippines. 

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