Sunday, April 5, 2015

Interesting Observations in Batanes

Below are 10 random observations from my short stay in Batanes. Just pure observations. No hard statistics here, ok? Here goes:

1. It's as if you're not in the Philippines!
The mountains, hills, grass, rocks, and all the animals around make it seem like you're in... say, New Zealand. Every shot is picture perfect. Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself to be reminded that you're still in the Philippines and it's that beautiful.


2. Batanes is closer to Taiwan than Luzon!
If you open social networking apps like Grindr or Hornet, you'd actually see more Taiwanese guys than Filipinos!

Screencaps. Opted to blur the pix for others' privacy.

3. Blue, green, and white are all over!
From walls, furniture, to books. It's actually a nice combination! Apparently, these colors are used to paint fishing boats. Leftover paints are used for other items to avoid wastage. No wonder!

4. Roads are extra narrow
Especially during our tours, the roads were extra narrow! Oftentimes, only one jeep would fit in the lane. It becomes tricky when there's an incoming vehicle! It's actually dangerous if you think about it.

5. Blow UR Horn!
These road signs are the cutest. These serve as warnings for incoming cars on blind turns.

6. Kids are very respectful
At first, I thought we were being mobbed by a group of kids when they ran towards us. Apparently, they just wanted to "mano po", as this was something taught to them by their elders. Cute!

7. Mobile Data and Wifi are very weak!
There's 3G signal from Globe but it was useless. I couldn't tweet, browse through my Facebook feed or upload photos to Instagram. Had to rely on the Wifi from our hotel's office. At least!

We'd spend our down time in the hotel office for free Wifi.

8. They like playing softball?
Yeah! Who would've thought? And they're good at it, too! I expected the usual: basketball.

9. Crab and Lobster shells are spiky and hairy! 
Scary! 'Nuff said. I'm not a seafood fan to begin with.  

10. "Hihintayin Kita sa Langit" was filmed here! 
It was on Alapag Rock that Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta were seen running in the movie! Wanted to recreate that scene but had no one to do it with. Lelz.

Poster from
Movie screencap from

What else can I can add to this list?

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