Saturday, April 4, 2015

Things to Buy in Batanes

Here are some of the stuff I bought during my trip to Batanes. Didn't expect to bring home this much... (and spend that much, too!) Bought most of these in the local souvenir shop. 

1. Mini Ivatan Houses
For me, if there was one thing that symbolized Batanes, it would be this. Bought one because they were cute and I like souvenirs that I can display in my room.

Interestingly, the more intricate and affordable ones (below) are in the tourist attractions rather than in souvenir shops. 

2. Turmeric Powder
This was a wildcard purchase. Bought this because I liked the color of the turmeric rice served during our tours... and I happened to like the Turmeric Chicken that I ordered from Pacita Fundacion. Might let our helper whip up something with it.  It's also said to fight cancer!

3. Camote Chips 
I'm not a fan but I bought some since this was said to be one of Batanes' specialties. Wasn't able to take pictures of it, though.

4. Onions and Garlic
This was a special request from my mom as she said that Batanes produces good quality onions and garlic. I really don't know. To me, they just seemed smaller than the ones from Manila.

1kg of onions and 1kg of garlic was Php 250. Can't remember which was Php 180 and Php 70. 

Bought these in the House of Dakay -- the oldest traditional house in Batanes.

Don't forget your baggage allowance! We ended up having to pay Php 700 at the airport as excess baggage just to bring these home!

5. Native Ivatan Headdress and Outfits
Quite pricey (ranging in the hundreds)... but you don't get these anywhere else! If you don't want to buy, opt for a pictorial wearing them instead. Rental fee: P20. 

I kinda regret not buying anything with the "Blow your Horn" sign. Should have bought at least a keychain or a t-shirt of it. Next time, if there will be one. 

Is there anything I missed? 

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