Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back to Puerto Galera

All throughout the Christmas break, I had been wanting to go to the beach. I wanted to get away from home, from work, from everybody. You know that feeling?

Mema beach lang, I thought, but I didn't know where to go or who to go with.

A few days before new years' eve, my friend Mia asks if I wanted to join them for a quick beach trip. I instantly said yes.

A few hours into new years' day, we were off to Puerto Galera.

I'm back! And yes, I <3 galera="" puerto="" td="">
I missed this view!

Puerto Galera will probably be my go-to beach for the quick getaway. It's not too far, not too hard to get to, and it's not too expensive.

It's one of those places where you don't need an itinerary. The only things we wanted (and needed) were rest, food, and booze--and of course, the company. The rest were extras.
With friends Mia, Adolf, and Migz

Afternoon nap on the hammock

Unli-rice. Best news ever. 

My favorite drink: Red Horse.

Galera wouldn't be complete without fire dancing and stand-up comedy acts from transgenders.
These seem to be on repeat year on year. 

Watching friends play frisbee. 
First time to use my Wet bag on this trip. Super useful!

Some interesting things I saw during that trip:


Tourists in office attire. Whyyyy? 

I was glad to get my dose of Vitamin Sea before heading back to salt mines. 'Til next time.