Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016 Philippine Election Ads that Stuck

Are political ads in the Philippines not as catchy and impactful and as they were before?

I miss materials like "VOT FOR D CHAMMP", Prospero Pichay's witty pechay fan, and that commercial where Cory Aquino says, "Lagot siya sa nanay niya" to endorse Noynoy as senator.

While most of this year's political ads seem blah, there are a few that stuck.

Here are my personal favorites. Mind you, these don't factor in personal judgments about the candidates. That's a different entry altogether. Haha!

1. "Walang drama."
Less is more. No theatrics. No gimmicks. Thank God Mar isn't making padyak the bike in his leather shoes anymore! Here, he's straight to the point and delivers the message that people need to hear: "Hindi ko kayo nanakawan." Best monologue.

2. Duterte's Merry Christmas
Definitely not your usual sing-song Christmas greeting from a politico. Very, very disruptive. Only a Rodrigo Duterte could pull-off something like this just because it's aligned with his brand character.

3. "Iskolar ng Bayan ni Mr. R"
Aba, may budget!!! I actually thought it was a movie! I appreciate how Roman Romulo (branded as "Mr. R") is brave enough to be different by being funny and entertaining while tackling a heavy issue. He seems to trust his creative agency.

4. "Alam ko po."
Isko Moreno's latest commercial with Joseph Estrada reminds me of Grace Poe's commercials with mom Susan Roces... only this isn't as cringe-worthy and boring. The charming ending is its saving grace. Without it, nevermind.  

5. "Millenials for Martial Law"
I think is this best political ad that doesn't support a particular candidate. While it's a movement to re-write Philippine history books to include the full story of the Martial Law era, it subliminally tells the audience not to support Bongbong Marcos. Very real. Very moving.

6. "Disiplina Duterte" 
This is my overall favorite for 2016. I love its pasabog line that outright criticizes Daang Matuwid. It even becomes more powerful with the presence of Robin Padilla--a well-chosen celebrity who's very much aligned with Duterte's "Tapang at Malasakit" persona. The timing of its launch, barely two weeks shy of the elections, makes it impeccable. Hello, top-of-mind awareness! Pak na pak! 

7. Anti-Duterte Ad
Then this happened. This material launched just a few hours ago. Social media exploded. It's the best attack ad in this election. Objectively speaking, it's on-strat, well made, and bold. The ad doesn't target die-hard Duterte followers. Instead, it targets those, who, like me, are still undecided. The use of kids makes the material more impactful. It's a non-issue for me. Galing!

What are your favorites this election season?

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