Sunday, May 15, 2016

2016 Philippine Election Ads that Suck

I'll try not to be mean but some of this year's election ads are downright generic, pretentious, and absolutely cringe-worthy--not to mention a waste of money.

I'd like to believe that if ad agencies were involved, these probably started out as great ideas but were just watered down by the clients. I can just imagine the politico's team nitpicking it to death, or worse, writing the scripts and directing the material themselves.

Sayang. Yun lang.

I recently wrote about this years' political ads that stuck. Now it's time for a rundown of those that suck. Again, these don't factor in my personal judgement about the candidates.

1. Serge Osmena's "Tumutulong at Maaasahan."
How generic can this get? Isn't it basic that all government officials should be helping and dependable? This material is forgettable, though ironic how I remember it as such.

2. Leila de Lima's "I Love You"
Unfortunately, this the worst of Leila's ads. The "I love you" was probably heartfelt and an attempt to make the material memorable but to me, it came across as plastic and painfully funny.

3. Daang Matuwid's "Fast Forward" 
While I admire the celebrities who supposedly waived talent fees to support Daang Matuwid, the music video just seemed fabricated. The best/worst part was Mar's high-five fail (2:00). Nice song, though.

4. Grace Poe's "Sisiguraduhin ko po."
Grace Poe isn't an actress. I wish the people behind her ads would stop making her act--even as herself. This conversation with mom Susan Roces seems so pretentious. I'm still waiting for a punchline!

5. Chiz Escudero's "Gobyernong may Puso" 
While this may be on point in terms of messaging, Chiz's delivery is cringe-worthy. He fails miserably trying to look and sound like he cares. I wonder how many takes they had to do during the shoot--with various degrees of happiness, I'm sure! This, for me, is the worst this year.

What do you think?

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