Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Get A Cedula

Here's another first while adulting: getting a cedula. 

A cedula is the Community Tax Certificate. As to its purpose, I have no idea. I just had to get one as a requirement for a contract I signed. That's all.

To me, this is just another way for the government to get our hard-earned money. 

For those who are in the dark on how to get their own cedula:

1. Go to Barangay Center
After living in our area for almost 3 decades, today was the first time I went to our Barangay Center. I didn't even know we had one! But yes, all barangays should have one. 

2. Fill up a little form 
I went to the Information Desk to ask for guidance since I was clueless. The lady asked me to fill up this little form. Details to fill in: Name, Address, Birthday, Citizenship, Height and Weight (Seriously.) 

Note: She told me not to fill-in the occupation and TIN # so I wouldn't have to pay extra. As to how much, I didn't bother asking. Basta makatipid!

3. Submit to Barangay clerk
This is so that clerk can fill up the cedula using the information written.

4. Sign and put thumb print 

5. Pay
Cost of cedula was Php 60.50. (For that piece of paper?!) I thought it'd cost Php 20. 

The entire process took less than 10 minutes. 

Thought bubble when I got it:

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  1. Haha thanks bro i need one for my licensure application