Saturday, May 14, 2016

Voting was a Breeze

Let me start the barrage of selfies with dirty fingers.
Para sa bayan, Para sa sambayanang Pilipino, at para tapos na.

I was done voting in a record-breaking 10 minutes.

I wanted it to be over as quickly (and as painlessly) as possible. I took more time deciding who I wanted to vote for rather than the actual voting process. I think that's a good thing?

The night before election day, I was only sure about 1 person that I was going to vote for. 

On May 9, election day, here's what happened in a span of 10 minutes or so.

I forgot my list at home so I tried to re-create it in the car. 

I arrived at our village gym to vote at 6:15am. So quiet.

Step #1
I had to find my name in the long lists on the board. I think this was the precinct number?

Took me quite a while. Ang liliit ng font! 

Finally found my name somewhere there.

One volunteer filled up a small form with my name, precinct number, and whatnot. 

Step #2
I gave that small form to this station. Another volunteer searched her list for my voter information, which I had to sign off on. I saw my photo taken years ago when I applied for a Voters' ID (which I still don't have). Ang bata ko pa!

A ballot was then given to me.

At this point, I was reprimanded and was told that I wasn't allowed to take photos anymore. Oops! Sorry.

Step #3
I filled up my ballot with the help of my re-created list. Checked it twice.

What the ballot looked like. It was back-to-back.

Step #4
I had to line up to submit my ballot. 

I felt nervous feeding my ballot to the PCOS machine. What if it wouldn't get accepted? What if something went wrong? Would I be cheated? 

Thankfully, all went well. 

Step #5
The PCOS machine read my ballot and gave me a receipt. I checked to make sure that the people I voted for were there. The receipt was placed inside a black box for safekeeping. 

Indelible ink was placed on my finger. I chose the left index finger. Voila! 

I'm fortunate that we were able to vote in our village. It was quiet, cool, and extremely stress-free. I hope other precincts had it that way, too. 

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