Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Don't Take Scratches Lightly!

[WARNING: Graphic Images]

Who would've thought that a tiny scratch near the ankle would make my leg red, swollen, and look like a hazing victim?

If there's one thing I learned from this ordeal, it's to never take scratches lightly!

Hazing? No. Just a bad case of cellulitis.

It started with a little scratch near my ankle--yung tipong, "Ay, may sugat pala?" 

I didn't bother doing anything to it, let alone put medicine on it. My bad.

After a few days, the affected area started to hurt when I'd touch it. It didn't bother me. I thought it was just bruised.

See that dark spot near my ankle? I thought it was just bruised.

The next day, I was down with a fever. I thought it was exhaustion from doing yoga for the first time. I even thought it was dengue because my eyeballs were painful--which is one of its symptoms.

After two days of being sick, I woke up to my left leg being red, swollen, and really warm. The scratch wasn't just a scratch anymore. It became a round, open wound. Sugat na talaga.

The redness and swelling crept up fast. Strangely, it was painful and I could barely walk!


Doctor's diagnosis: Cellulitis. (Dengue was ruled out after a series of blood tests.)

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin and tissues beneath it. It happens when bacteria enters through a crack or break in the skin--in my case, the little scratch.

Kalokang infection yan.

In just a few days, the redness and swelling went up to my knees!

Doctor #1 prescribed supplements and an antibacterial ointment. She advised antibiotics only if my leg wasn't getting better.

The next day, Doctor #2 advised me to get admitted in the hospital to treat the infection through IV. (But who wants to stay in the hospital, right?) I opted for oral antibiotics instead, which she prescribed. I was also given two Tetanus shots.

The following day, I consulted Doctor #3 who specializes in infectious diseases. He jacked up the dosages of antibiotics, added more (including painkillers), and extended its duration.

Mega-dosages of antibiotics!
(And it's the first time I've seen legible handwriting from a doctor!)

Per doctor's orders: House arrest with not too much walking, standing, and sitting (aka bed rest) for four days. Ang hirap!

I even had to bathe using soap that surgeons use just to decontaminate myself of bacteria. That left my skin really dry and itchy.

Bed rest but still trying to work.

Thankfully, the antibiotics did its wonders.

After 4 days of antibiotics. 

After 10 days of being on meds, my leg is pretty much back to normal. I can walk normally again without pain.

As of writing, though, the color still seems a bit off. But I'm just glad it's better.

The next time I get scratched, I'll definitely think twice about just letting it be.

Back to its normal shape. Color is still weird, though.

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