Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Greg's Fruitcakery in Twin Lakes, Tagaytay

The others were having coffee in Starbucks while my friend Bubbly and I were seated at the benches having a tarot card reading.

We were at Twin Lakes in Tagaytay. The sun was in our faces and it was just too hot outside. We needed a cool and quiet place to move to.

That's when we stumbled upon Greg's Fruitcakery.

Greg's Fruitcakery is a homey, quaint, and upscale bakery in Twin Lakes, Tagaytay. The smell of freshly baked bread just makes you want to stay there forever.

This is where we continued our tarot card reading. 

We also had a chat with the owner of the bakery. Too bad I didn't get her name. She told us that Greg is her late mother. (I actually thought that Greg was a guy! Oops.)

Greg was said to have baked delicious fruitcakes and would give away hundreds to friends every Christmas. When she passed on, the fruitcake recipe was found and used. 

Fruitcakes were continued to be given away in Greg's honor. I guess this is how Greg's Fruitcakery came to be. Some were even sent to Calea, the famous cake shop in Bacolod. Interestingly, there are aged fruitcakes that are four years old and are said to be extra delicious.

Like wine, it gets better with age.

We invited the rest of the barkada to hang out here instead. 

Here's what we ordered:

Banana Loaf fresh out of the oven
Carrot cake of sorts. Can't remember what it's called but it's yummy!

Greg's Fruitcakery has really yummy bread, treats, and cakes. It makes a nice pasalubong for family and loved ones. We weren't able to order any fruitcakes, though. (I personally don't like it, TBH.)

Some of the items may seem a bit pricey but overall, Greg's is  a better alternative to Starbucks.

(Photo from Nichael Muncal)

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