Monday, June 20, 2016

Perfect Overnighter Place Around Tagaytay

"Kahit saan, matuloy lang."

This was an overdue getaway for all of us and it couldn't have come at a better time. We were in dire need of a breather from work... and life. Or was it just me?

We ended up staying the night at the White Airy House in Silang, Cavite.

White Airy House. Booked through Airbnb.

The house is situated in one of the big farm lands around Tagaytay. It's supposedly owned by the Patrimonio family, which is used as their weekend rest house. From the looks of it, it's barely used.

The house is simple, charming, and true to its name.

It's photogenic, too!

No aircon. There were fans all around but we had to turn them off because the weather was really cool.
(Photo by Nichael Muncal)

The White Airy House is perfect for barkadas who want to chill and stay the night around Tagaytay. It's also great for team buildings and planning sessions.

Price is reasonable at Php 850 a night, per person.


The only thing we had to worry about there was cooking all the stuff that we brought for breakfast. Thank God for friends who cook!

I was part of the eating committee, by the way. Haha!

Breakfast time!

Here's a map going to the White Airy House:

The place doesn't have an address because the area are farm lots. 

Tip: Be careful when driving there, especially at night. While the roads leading to the house are cemented and have two-way lanes, it isn't properly lit. Area seems pretty safe and quiet, though.

I wish we could've stayed longer.

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