Wednesday, November 5, 2014

G Star Club - Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan has a bustling gay community and it seems like the most progressive Asian country in this light.

That's why we couldn't let our trip pass without going to a gay bar.

We chose G Star Club. 

It was one of the most popular and had better reviews.

G Star is located in the Zhongshan district. It was pretty far from where we were staying. In fact, we spent a lot of time on the train, walking, and getting lost--more time than we had spent in the club! 

The local on the right was kind enough to help us with directions. 

The club seemed to be in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. There was even a school nearby. The entrance was very discreet. From the outside, you wouldn't even think that there was a club there. 

The entrance was just a door and you had to go down a flight of stairs to enter the actual club.

Stairs going down to the main entrance

We made it!

G-Star is pretty big and has two storeys. On that weeknight, there were a lot of young college guys and girls there partying.

G Star seemed to be rated PG. No topless, naked men here. Just pure, clean fun. 

There was much dancing, funky music, and performances by young Taiwanese guys. A group called Ethereal was on that night. Some members looked familiar from Instagram! 

Here's a video of them dancing.

If I'm not mistaken, girls pay more to enter compared to guys. I can't remember how much, though.

Twas a fun night!  

G Star Club
104, Taiwan, Taipei City, 
Zhongshan District, 
Longjiang Rd, 23號B1F

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