Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back in Puerto Galera

I'm so proud of myself for finally getting out of the metro. 

With friends, we ended up in Galera. Again.  

I always look forward to trips to Puerto Galera. I've always said that it's my go-to beach just because it's so fast and easy to get there--not to mention affordable. (I barely spent Php 3,000 for the 2-day trip, all-inclusive!)

As always, our itinerary was just to eat, sleep, drink, and chill. 

At our little bahay kubo.
It's a cute place, though it's not in the beach front. 

Drinks for brunch.

Tocino and unli-rice!

Work mode muna.
Telecon with my business partners. Serious!

Mindoro Sling for merienda.

The struggle is real!

Drunk by dinner time.

Kaguluhan over baby powder in our room.

Super chill at our favorite hangout spot: Coco Aroma.

Group pic before leaving.

Our trip was definitely bitin

We were contemplating on staying another night but boat schedules and early morning meetings the next day made it impossible. Earliest boat that leaves White Beach during off-peak season is now at 6:30am instead of the usual 5:30am during peak season.

Too bad.

Can't wait to go back!