Saturday, December 24, 2016

My BigSkinny Wallet: Best Wallet Ever!

Above: Old wallet full vs Empty Big Skinny
Below: Empty old wallet vs full BigSkinny
I've never been happier with my Christmas gift to myself this year: a BigSkinny wallet.

BigSkinny is the world's thinnest wallet. It's 10 times thinner than leather due to its nylon-microfiber material, which reduces wallet sizes by more than half.

I came across this on Facebook months ago because I always got hit by their ads. I got curious but at the time, I thought the logo looked cheap on their wallets.

Last week, I finally went online and ordered myself the RFID-blocking wallet. Aside from being skinny, it prevents others from scanning personal info from cards.

This cost P3,100 (including a P50 discount for signing up and delivery charge). I noticed that this was the most expensive one, probably due to the RFID-blocking properties.

To my surprise, it came the next day--and it's really light and skinny!

My wallet has always been bulky. In fact, it wouldn't even fold properly because of all my cards and receipts. With the BigSkinny full of the same stuff, it's now the same size as my old wallet--but empty!

If you look at my BigSkinny now, you wouldn't think that it's a special wallet nor does it look skinny but just imagine all the stuff in there.

It's definitely worth every cent. Best wallet ever.

Friday, December 23, 2016

No Coincidence in Seeing Abandoned Footwear

I wrote about my encounters with abandoned footwear years ago. After shrugging it off, then trying to interpret it, I was finally told what it means and it made perfect sense.

I'd always see discarded slippers or shoes in the least expected places. Back then, I'd only notice these when travelling. Since then, even while driving, I still see them!

The peculiar thing is that these are always missing their pair.

I've never resorted to seeking 'signs' and I didn't intend to go into the deeper meaning of life with footwear…until now.

Somehow, because of its frequency, I told myself that maybe these were telling me something--that perhaps I was on the right path in life.

That’s why with every abandoned shoe I’d see, I convinced myself that I am where I’m supposed to be. But still, I couldn’t help but ask: Is this more than just a coincidence?

During a recent visit to my life coach, she confirmed it. Yet contrary to my interpretation, she said that this symbolized imbalance rather than harmony--specifically my spiritual life.

At first, I didn't understand.

"Kasi palaging may kulang," she said. "Nagli-limp without the other," referring also to my physical and spiritual life.

Hindi ko naisip yun pero oo nga. It made perfect sense and she was spot-on. Admittedly, my spiritual life wasn't very healthy and it's something that I could work on. She advised me to pray, ask for guidance, and to seek for intervention for my intentions.

"Para naka-condition na dyan," she said while tapping her head.

Working on attaining balance won't happen overnight but for starters, I'll try to pray more often. (I always end up sleeping before I get to it!)

I'm sure that I’ll see more abandoned footwear in the future but if I see a complete pair out of nowhere, #AlamNa.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Stargazer's Predictions for Me in 2016

[UPDATED December 1, 2016]
After leaving my first consultation last December, I immediately jotted down Ms. Star’s predictions and advice for me in 2016.
Below are updates mostly confirming her predictions. What’s peculiar is that most of the things mentioned happened within weeks to a few months. Sometimes, it would be an afterthought that an event was foretold already.

2016 would be the start of prosperity. I'm headed in the right direction with what I'm doing.

This was the bulk of our discussion. After telling her about my current bakery business, here’s what she had to say:

1. Expansion!
2016 is a year of expansion. She looked to the side. Ms. Star “saw” that we'll have a kiosk in one of the nearby barangay soon. "Maraming tao doon at malapit sa trisikelan."

Expanding our bakery franchise was an idea that we barely touched on. We weren't ready but we were open to the idea.
A few weeks later, one of the government officials I met last year approached me offering to show me her properties for lease. She mentioned that it was an ideal place to expand. I thought it was a joke but when we went to see it, it was exactly where we initially wanted to open our bakery! It was one of the populous places in town and a tricycle stand was just around the corner. We opened our second branch last June.

Ms. Star also mentioned the possibility of having a new branch in the next province by 2017.
Unfortunately, we sold both branches of our bakery last October due to high operational expenses. I asked Ms. Star if this prediction still holds true. Given that we closed, not anymore. But if we had kept it open, this could still have been a possibility.

2. Security Issues

A. Guard
She looked intensely to my left said and said, "Madilim dyan sa inyo, no?" referring to our bakery. I was surprised because it was! (To think she's never seen it.) She advised us to hire a stay-in personnel to guard the place—“yung taga ibang probinsya."
Little did I know that one of our applicants that we were just about to hire at the time wanted to be a stay-in employee. Strangely enough, he was from a different province!

B. Securing money 
"Ingatan niyo ang pera!" This was something reiterated by Ms. Star. She told us to secure our money properly because she sensed that we may get victimized when we least expect it.
True enough, someone stole sales money from us. And it happened inside one of my business partners’ house! One of our deposits was short by P1,000. 

3. Extra emotional  employee
"May employee ba kayong may dimple? Palaging andyan. Ingatan niyo siya.
My reaction: May employee pala kaming may dimples? (I never noticed.)
We immediately examined all our employees and indeed, there was one who did!Before the year ended, "Dimples" had an outburst which led to violence in the bakery and his being fired. 

4. No problems with business partners
Just petty ones, if ever (ie. asaran, tempers, tampuhan). Ms. Star reminded me, "Don't forget your love for one another. This should prevail over all things."
Thankfully, we never fought. There were tense moments here and there, but all was good between us. What Ms. Star said stuck to us. 

 5. I'll do consultancy work for advertising. 
I'll get bored daw kasi. Di nga?
Last May, I posted a small ad on OLX for my Marketing Consultancy services. I missed advertising work. (And in a way, I was getting bored with work.) Surprisingly, I’ve been getting projects here and there and it’s kept me busy since!

This was one of Ms. Star's warning to me. I should be careful with my legs, particularly the left one. She warns of a sprain or accident. 
I got cellulitis in June! And guess what? It was on the left leg. Read more here.

"You'll meet someone," Ms. Star said, "But..." She paused, looked down, and shook her head. I immediately understood. Wala lang yun. #sad
Yes, I did meet someone unexpectedly in February. I liked the person but after a month, the person just disappeared! It hurt but as it was foretold, “Wala lang yun.” Nobody came after. 

She also computed something based on my birthday. I got the number 1, which meant that 2017 will be a year where "anything goes". It'll be a fresh start and she said that the Universe will be very kind to me. I'll be alone but something big is coming. 

She smiled.

"Hala. Ano po yan?" I asked.

"I can't tell you yet," she said, "You're not ready to hear it." And I'm glad she didn't. Whatever it is, it'd probably freak me out.

Leaving this here so I won’t forget and so that I can review in the future.