Saturday, December 24, 2016

Life Planning for 2017

Given how anxious I was after our first session and how this year panned out, I was more than excited to consult with Stargazer again to plan my life for 2017.

In fact, I was more than an hour early last Tuesday!

When I went in her office, I kept babbling about how her predictions came true.

The session formally started when she took out her pastel crayons and she drew my aura. It seems brighter now compared to the last session. It's now more yellow and green rather than red.

Left: First session; Right: Second session

"2017 = presenting yourself," Ms. Star wrote on a piece of paper. This was my theme for next year.

Throughout the session, I gathered that creativity, sacrifice, and balance will help me.

First, we'll see more creativity next year. My consultancy will progress as more projects and referrals are in store. Ms. Star also encouraged me to write more. Nakaka-insecure as I've never considered myself to be a good writer. But let's see!

Second, sacrifice will be needed: hard work, getting myself out there, and enduring stress.

"Mukhang babalik at babalik ka sa first love mo, e," she says, referring to advertising.

I expressed my concern over it.

"Why don't you want to go back?"

"Nakaka-stress," I said, "Parang hindi worth-it ang pagod."

She then reminded me about sacrifice and that stress may be integral to the job. She then said that perhaps it's where I'm meant to be.

"Don't resist it and don't close your doors to opportunity. Continue to put yourself out there."

Interestingly, my love life will be a sacrifice next year as I'll be busy focusing on myself and my career.

Lastly, attaining balance in both my physical and spiritual life will help. This came after I consulted Ms. Star about seeing abandoned footwear. She advised me to pray, seek guidance, and to ask for intervention.

Before our session ended, I asked Ms. Star if she could finally reveal what she mentioned last year about "something big” coming. She hinted that it might be an offer that I couldn't refuse but she couldn't say what it was as not to interfere with my destiny.

"There are things that you need to experience for yourself," she says.

Ms. Star explained that the experience is for me to gain wisdom. If she interferes, how will I learn from it? (As trivia, she inexplicably gets sick if she does!)

This is what I like about Ms. Star as a life coach. She leads you by telling you things that you should know. She doesn't interfere with your karma but at the same time, she lets you live your life as to experience and learn from it.

Isn't that what we're all here for?

Before leaving, Ms. Star gave me a black tourmaline stone from Brazil. She told me to always keep it in my pocket to ward off negativity. I also got a key chain that attracts success! 

2017, let's do this.

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