Friday, April 1, 2016

My First Consultation with a Life Coach

I've always sought for a mentor—one that’d guide me and tell me the things that I need to know in life without sugar-coating and being condescending. Bonus na lang if this person’s psychic.

I was introduced to Ms. Star almost a decade ago during our school’s homecoming event. She was a colleague of my friend, Reddie. He told me that she was a psychic and went by the alias "Stargazer". I didn't know that she was famous.

Since I’m interested in tarot and the paranormal, I wanted to consult with her—magpahula, kumbaga. I never got around to doing so until last December.

I've always believed that seeking professional help is healthy, whether one needs it or not. There weren't any major issues in my life and I just wanted to see what advice she could offer.

Going into the consultation, I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't even sure if she remembered me. I took off my shoes and went in her office.

As I walked in, she looked at my legs and asked, "Do you have problems with your lower body?"

I was taken aback. "No naman," I said.

"What about your legs?"

My legs were fine but she sensed something wrong, as if there was a red flag that only she could see.

"Be careful na lang," she warned, "I see something—an injury, sprain...basta, sa left leg."

Kaloka. But noted, with thanks.

After sensing that I wasn't as nervous, Ms. Star looked up and around me. She was scanning my aura. She took out her pastels and started coloring.

What she saw was dominantly red and yellow. These colors meant that I was close to people. But since there was a murky brown color present, it hinted that I was getting sluggish. I was advised to be more creative to counter this.

She then handed me her oracle cards and asked me to shuffle and cut it while saying my name in my head. She then fanned it face-down on the table. I was told to ask my questions aloud, after which I was asked to choose cards. She then interpreted these and answered my question.

I asked Ms. Star about her cards since I was learning the tarot. She mentioned that these weren't necessary in her readings. The cards just gave dimension and validation to her answers.

Ms. Star was always frank. She tells things as they are and what one needs to know. I like how there’s no sugar-coating or judgment as to who I am as a person. This made me feel safe and at ease.

The session felt more like a counselling session rather than the stereotypical hulaan, which I like. 

I wrote down some of her advice and predictions, which I’ll reserve for a different entry.

The hour-long session felt just right but I craved for more, even if I didn't have anything else to ask. I felt both anxious and excited to face the year ahead as there were so many things to look forward to.

Before I left, she held my arm and repeated one of her advice: “Yung pera niyo, ha! Ingatan!

I finally found a mentor and life coach in Ms. Star.

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