Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Default Order at Flaming Wings

I had an extra long work-day recently. It was almost 9pm and I still didn't have dinner. I thought I'd eat along Katipunan as this was on the way home. I wanted something comforting, non-fast-food, and a meal with lots of rice.

Then I thought: Flaming Wings! I haven't eaten there in ages.

I already knew my order: Chicken Tenders meal. Wild sauce. Wasabi dip. Red iced tea. (And rice!) This is, and always has been, my default order. No fail.

The combination of spicy sauce and dips may be unpopular to many. Its double dose of spiciness may cause ring burn but ironically, its comforting. (Somehow I wish it'd be spicier!)

Chicken Tenders Meal
Php 145.00

Beyond the food, Flaming Wings brings back memories from college where my blockmates and I would eat there after NSTP or after a long day from school.

Looking at the kids there, I couldn't help but think about my college days. Life seemed so simple, fun, and carefree--even if at the time I thought that it was the most stressful thing in the world.

I felt old. I also felt weird eating there by myself late at night, occupying the lonely corner table. But I was more than happy to eat my chicken tenders. I savored each piece as if it were my last.

I even ordered an extra cup of rice. (Talk about being hungry and lonely, eh?)

Anyway. Enough rambling.

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