Monday, January 16, 2017

The Face Shop's Green Tea Face Masks

I was recently gifted with green tea facial masks from The Face Shop. Right in time, I had just used up all the masks that I bought from Korea.

Quick Facts
Manufacturer: The Face Shop
Origin: South Korea
Capacity: 20g
Main Ingredient: Green tea extract (1,000mg)

-Oriental herbal ingredients of the mask have been extracted by the traditional oriental method 
-Green tea essence contained soothes and protects skin, creates fresh, lively, and clear skin 
-Mask has many air pockets to hold extra nutritional essence, that provides plenty of moisture and nutrients to skin 

What I like about it:
  1. Green tea scent
  2. Sheet is extra thin and light (compared to Innisfree masks)
  3. Sheet gives more than enough coverage for my long face, which extends under the chin
  4. Lots of essence left in the pack which I could use afterwards

Unflattering mugshots! Haha

I just wish that there was more coverage for the tip of my nose but overall, I really like this face mask--even more than the Innisfree ones that I bought in Korea.

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