About Me

Hello! I’m Henson Wongaiham--the Boy Wander.

I'm a lifestyle blogger. My goal is to try and capture the vignettes of day-to-day wanderings hoping to entice you, the reader, to experience the streets around us. Hopefully, I don't bore you along the way. 

You'll get to know me by the stuff I write about. But anyhow, here are 10 random facts about me: 
  1. I'm a full-time entrepreneur, part-time blogger.  
  2. Wherever I go, I tend to wander off, explore and take pictures. 
  3. Whistling makes up for my singing. 
  4. My photography motto: "Capture the moment and see the beauty in all things." 
  5. Cheesy pizzas and white sauced pastas are my favorites. No pineapples, please. 
  6. I'm a tarot card reader! I'm not a psychic, though.
  7. I enjoy watching movies, plays and musicals but I never seem to remember the characters’ names. 
  8. I’d rather ride a scary roller coaster than watch a scary movie. 
  9. I think that one should try everything at least once--even if it's for the sake of trying. 
  10. Me-time and quiet-time are love. This includes shopping... alone. 

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